11,000 traffic camera violations are invalid

The embattled traffic camera system received further criticism as it emerged that 11,000 violations it recorded  are deemed invalid, with the company asking that they will be revoked.

Officials met on Monday to discuss how and when to proceed with the next phase, as it is still currently only in the pilot period, with the meeting turning up fresh details of the scale of the issues faced. 

It was reported that since January there have been 78,627 fines issued – a figure deemed particularly high considering there are only four stationary cameras currently operating. Of those fines, just under half – about 36,000 – have been issued or are close to being sent out.

Notably, the company is asking that a considerable number of those fines, 11,000 or so, be scrapped. 

Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos told daily Phileleftheros that the reasons given by the company are that there were issues with visibility in the photographs, with key details such as the vehicle’s registration plate not being clear. Other cases, however, concerned test samples and service vehicles such as ambulances.

The minister added that the introduction of the first phase of the camera system will therefore have to be delayed until at least the end of June. 

Karousos was also quoted as saying that the company managing the cameras has so far not received any payments due to the ongoing issues. 

As it stands, the traffic camera system remains with just the four stationary and four mobile units installed late last year despite the initial plans setting out for 110 units – of which 90 would be stationary and 20 mobile.

The pilot phase began on October 25, 2021 and was only set to last for three months – with the first phase after that itself only set for six months with the addition of a further 16 mobile units and 20 stationary units.

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