15,000 Ukrainian refugees came to Cyprus so far

Around 15,000 Ukrainian refugees came to Cyprus due to war so far, and the numbers are constantly rising, In-Cyprus reported on Tuesday citing Asylum Service insiders.

In fact, the number of Ukrainians who chose to come to Cyprus  for various reasons last month was about 14,000. And, another thousand have arrived within a month – something indicating that arrivals and departures are now stabilized.

Most Ukrainians who had come to Cyprus because they either have relatives or friends here seem to have left two to three months later for other EU member states. Poland seems to be top on the reference list, probably because it is very close to Ukraine.

In the meantime, the EU has activated a special protection system which establishes near-automatic asylum for Ukrainians and residents who were there before February 24.

Although it allows and encourages member states to extend this protection to other affected people.

It provides residence permits, work permits, accommodation and education for minors with minimal, streamlined procedures.

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