44 irregular migrants arrived in Paphos

A group of 44 migrants arrived Thursday in Paphos through a boat and a man is missing and found dead local media reported as they stated that he had gone missing at sea and subsequently drowned.

Police confirmed the reports. Helicopters and the coastguard had been dispatched to assist in the search and rescue mission of a missing man.

The man was later found unconscious at 9:50 am. A medical examiner has been sent to the scene to carry out an autopsy.

The group of 44 irregular migrants came to shore in the Agios Georgios, Pegia area in the Paphos district early on Thursday, the CNA had reported.

The coastguard’s radar had detected a suspicious boat approaching the coast near Lara.  A police patrol went to the area but did not find anything.

The boat was then seen at 4.30 am to be leaving Cyprus’ waters. At around 5.30 am, a member of the public saw a group of people in the Agios Georgios Peyia area, near Lara. The group was made up of 44 individuals — two women, four children and 38 men, the police officer added.

Two of the irregular migrants were taken to Paphos General Hospital with breathing problems and were administered first aid.

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