True Enlightenment

Educators often talk about the history of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment.

Enlightenment refers to a time in the 18th century when science became more popular than religion. Intellectually it’s true. The Enlightenment came out of the dark ages, and the Renaissance was the result. People started thinking more freely.

Coming to Jesus is true spiritual enlightenment. We wake up from the darkness of our world, and we have the chance to live in the light of Jesus.

But Jesus Christ is far more than the renaissance or enlightenment eras. Jesus Christ is the light of the world. That means Jesus enlightens us intellectually, he enlightens us morally and he enlightens us spiritually by guiding us to His truth revealed in the Bible.

Psalm 119 says, God’s word “is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” I love that verse!

The good news of Jesus is a lamp near at hand and shows us what to do, right now. The holy scriptures – the Bible – is a light that shines broadly and guides us forever. The Word of God enlightens our future.

As followers of Christ, we are the light of the world. And if we are the light of the world, then our responsibility is to light the path for others. Don’t you think?

What an awesome calling it is. And whatever your work, your business, or your educational situation may be, God will use you to be His light.

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