Editorial Mission Statement

The Daily-Cyprus is the English-language daily newspaper published in around whole island of Cyprus. It was established in 2020 and today, with its popular and widely-read website among the English Audience

Daily-Cyprus is among the most trusted news sites in Cyprus. The website is not affiliated with any political parties and has always striven to maintain its independence.

The Daily-Cyprus maintained with a small dedicated team, has covered momentous events in Cyprus’ modern history, Cyprus’ truncated independence, the coup and Turkish invasion, and the decades of negotiations to stitch the divided island back together, plus a myriad of scandals, murders, and human interests stories that capture the island and its -people. Observers describe it as politically conservative.

Freedom is our core value. We feel a special obligation to defend civil liberties and human rights. Because newspapers and other news media, uniquely among businesses, enjoy and rely on a provision of the Bill of Rights that protects freedom of the press, we assume an obligation to defend the rights of all citizens.

We reject overreaching moves by public authorities to control the culture or private mores. Citizens’ right to privacy, to decide for themselves how best to lead their lives, is fundamental. It is in keeping with our Western roots to champion individual autonomy and the freedom of conscience.

We don’t expect you to always agree with our opinion, but we do hope to earn your respect.