Police arrested one former and two more warrants secured after farmers protest

A man has been arrested and two more court warrants were secured after Wednesday’s embarrassing incidents outside the presidential palace when protesting sheep and goat farmers went as far as to set fire to hay bales at its entrance.

The angry protesters had poured tonnes of milk on the road outside the presidential palace and then set fire to hay bales at entrance.

They had also driven trucks to the entrance gate, threatening to drive through while the police appeared to have just stood by and watched all this law-breaking happening.

The protest was about the government’s failure to ensure the PDO regulations for halloumi followed by producers.

They have been claiming that producers were not using 20 per cent sheep and goats’ milk as stipulated by the regulations and the government was not carrying out inspections of the halloumi produced.

Representatives of farmers justified the anger saying while the price of cows’ milk was steadily rising sheep and goats’ milk had remained at the same level despite a 115 per cent increase in animal feed.

However, police came under strong criticism over their apparent tolerance to law breaking.

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