Cypriot Citizenship was granted to Vietnamese investor Dependents

The processing of the application for Cypriot citizenship of a Vietnamese investor who was wanted in his country for a serious criminal case at the time had continued smoothly despite that fact, Local News reported on Wednesday.

In fact, he was granted Cypriot citizenship even though he had been  arrested and remanded in custody by that time and later revoked by cabinet due to Report on Golden passport scheme scandal reported by Al-Jazeera News.

The Vietnamese Investor application was pending and the law firm handling his case that it was not possible for him to be in Cyprus to sign the relevant certificate, his dependents were granted the Cypriot citizenship.

This means that while his application was pending, some people in Cyprus hurried to give “golden passports” to his wife and children and are now rushing to take them back, following a relevant decision.

In a reply to a relevant report by Local New Agency Phileleftheros, the Interior Ministry Denies Granting the Cypriot citizenship to Vietnamese investor.

the Cabinet revoked the naturalization of Vietnamese investor wife and children granted Cypriot citizenship on 15 May 2019.

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