Cyprus Police data shows most victims of traffic accidents are foreigners

Foreigners are most of the victims of fatal traffic accidents in Cyprus this year, according to Cyprus Police data issued by Cyprus traffic police. Specifically, nine out of a total of fifteen – a number that has alerted the island’s traffic police department.
The latest victim is a pedestrian from a European country who was hit by a bus while trying to cross a highway at dawn on Wednesday. He died instantly, Philenews reports.
Police have his passport and identity card in their hands. Still, no one has contacted them yet to ask about him, and she is not reported missing either.
Police are calling on anyone witnessing the accident to come forward as evidence indicates the victim was probably an activist.
At the same time, 60% of fatal accident victims are foreigners rings alarm bells in Traffic Police – mainly because it is the summer season.
And this is because tourists are expected to flood Cyprus, with most of them renting cars. But with most of them driving on the other side of the road back in their countries, the possibility of a road accident increases.

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