Failed attempt to kidnap three arrested in Limassol

Three men have been arrested for attempted kidnap after a good Samaritan was able to come to the woman’s aid and call police in Limassol late on Thursday night.

But in a bizarre twist, the victim was also arrested under an outstanding warrant as she is suspected of securing funds under false pretenses.

Police were notified around 10 pm on Thursday that four men were trying to abduct a woman in Kato Polemidia. They had reportedly gagged her, tied her hands with rope, and were attempting to push her into a car.

A member of the public heard her calls for help, stopped his car, and rushed to help, managing to pull the woman out of the car and call the police.

Officers who went to the scene found four men and the woman, aged 34.

She had received a call from a 45-year-old to meet so that she could buy face creams. The rendezvous of the two women was fixed for 9.30am, near the complainant’s home.

Three men, aged 40, 44 and 47 also came to the scene, reportedly tied the woman, gagged her and tried to push her into a car. She called out for help, and one of the men pulled out a knife, the police statement added.

A member of the public who heard the calls for help was able assist the victim and contact police.

The suspects were at the scene. They were taken in for questioning and later arrested while the complainant was taken to Limassol General Hospital where she was found to have a burn on her shoulder from an abrasion.

Police found an arrest warrant was pending against the woman from Larnaca CID in relation to a case of securing funds under false pretenses and she was arrested.

Police investigations continue.

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