Majority of Health officials in favour of suspending face mask indoors

The majority on the government’s advisory team for coronavirus favour suspending the requirement to wear face masks indoors, except at high-risk areas such as hospitals and closed structures, a health ministry spokesman said on Wednesday.

But Constantinos Athanasiou told the CNA that scientists still prefer the use of masks in hospitals and closed structures, including nursing homes.

The members of the scientific advisory committee were asked to give their positions on the issue to the ministry by Tuesday.

So far, Athanasiou said, the majority of scientists are in favour of suspending the requirement for the use of masks in indoor areas under conditions while others still have reservations as the situation is fluid and no one knows what will happen as far as the pandemic is concerned.

The final decision will be taken when Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela returns from a trip abroad.

Athanasiou added that the recommendations of the members of the Advisory Scientific Committee will be examined, and a decision taken on the matter will be referred to the Cabinet for its Friday meeting or next week.

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