Man arrested in connection with Kiti bank robbery

A 33-year-old suspect is arrested by police in connection with Robbery at Hellenic bank branch in Kiti, Larnaca.

The 33-year-old suspect was a frequent customer of the Hellenic bank, entered into the bank wearing a protective mask. Initially, he asked for an insurance for his wife. Then he entered into the inside area of the cashier and grabbed 11,300 euros and 10 sterling pounds.

The bank employee pushed him and he then left the bank, escaping on foot.

When Police forces arrived at the scene, employees who recognized the culprit, gave his description to the policemen.

The suspect was found in a nearby village where he lives. Following a search of his house the clothes he was wearing during the robbery were found as well as the amount of 1,440 euros. However, he refused any involvement in robbery.

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