Nine per cent of young teens in Cyprus use cannabis

A shocking nine per cent of young people aged 14 to 18 use cannabis and one in five of these do so daily, the House Legal Affairs Committee hearing on Wednesday.

The unfortunate statistics gathered in a recent study also show an increase of 2% in cannabis use by that age group compared to a similar one carried out two years ago.

This is what the head of the Cyprus National Addictions Authority Christos Mina also told the MPs, according to a local newspaper.

In addition, Mina also said that sewage from all districts is examined four times a year for drug use and therefore the results are representative.

He noted that in addition to cannabis, stimulants such as cocaine and methamphetamines are also on the rise.

“We are below average compared to the rest of EU countries for the moment but that’s not very reassuring,” he also said.

And then he called for an increase in the Authority’s budget to develop two more programs – one will be closed and the second open for addicts.

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