One arrested after the nurse assault case in Paphos General Hospital

Paphos police on Monday detained a 22-year-old British woman and are on the lookout for two of her friends in connection with being intoxicated, causing disturbance in the Paphos General Hospital and assaulting a nurse.

The three young British women who were highly intoxicated had managed to avoid arrest early on Sunday, and, so far only the 22-year-old has been detained.

Specifically, around four in the morning on Sunday the three intoxicated women were taken by ambulance to the emergency department where they started shouting and swearing.

They then assaulted a nurse who tried to calm them down causing her a head injury. The police officer on duty at the time intervened telling them they were all under arrest and that’s when they ran away.

Union call for action after nurse attacked in hospital:

Public servants’ union Pasydy condemned an episode that took place at Paphos general hospital on Sunday night that saw drunk people assaulting a nurse.

In a statement on Monday, Pasydy slammed the state and the hospital’s administration for “the inability to protect health professionals.”

The incident reportedly happened in the A&E of Paphos general when three drunk female tourists swore at staff and hit the nurse in question on the head.

“Once again we are witnessing sad incidents where hospital staff are attacked while performing their duties by violent patients,” the statement said.

“We are calling on all stakeholders to take all necessary measures to protect them and ensure the smooth and orderly operations of hospitals in the country,” the statement said, adding that it will also raise the issue with the health ministry.

“Finally, we wish our member a speedy recovery in the hope that she will return to duty soon,” the statement concluded.

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