PEO trade union Apartment project for Limassol students

The student apartments will be rented for a low rent to students whose parents or themselves are members of the PEO Trade Union Movement.

The Limassol branch of Peo (PanCyprian Workers Federation) said on Friday that its student Apartments project has been completed and will welcome 28 students in 18 apartments for the 2022-2023 academic year.

The project, which will be officially handed over on July 4, will provide low-cost housing for students who are members of Peo, or who have a parent who belongs to the trade union subject to socio-economic criteria. It did not elaborate on these criteria.

Peo’s initiative will be welcome, as Limassol is a particularly difficult housing market, with higher rents than the rest of the island.

Selected students will be able to move into their flats in early September. The building has 12 singles, two flats with two bedrooms with their own bathroom and a shared kitchen and living room, and four apartments with three bedrooms, again with their own bathrooms and a shared kitchen and living room.

All apartments are fully furnished. For current students, applications must be submitted by June 30 and for new students by August 10. For further information telephone 25 443000

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