Removal of Facemask Health Minister asked Scientific team Suggestion

Health Minister ask for the Suggestion from the Members of the Scientific team regarding the use of face masks indoors and whether the measure against Covid-19 should be scrapped

The scrapping of the mandatory indoor face mask is being put under the microscope by Scientific team, with the majority of them favouring such a possibility, giving the world the opportunity, after suffering from a two-year pandemic, to return to normal.

According to CNA, there is a group of scientific team expert who argue that this should not be implemented yet, since the situation is fluid and no one knows what will happen next with the pandemic.

Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas will then convey the epidemiologists’ recommendations to the cabinet before deliberating on the issue.

Last Friday, health ministry spokesperson Constantinos Athanasiou said, Hadjipantelas asked the scientific team directly whether the situation regarding the virus in Cyprus is safe enough to allow the abolition of face masks indoors.

The suggestions of the members of the Advisory Scientific Committee for the Scrapping of face mask are expected to be submitted by noon on Tuesday, and it will be reviewed by the Ministry of Health, with the Minister of Health Michalis Hadjipandelas transferring the positions of scientists to the Ministerial decisions.

“Signs are pointing towards the scrapping of the mask mandate, except for places considered at risk, such as hospitals, care homes and other places where the presence of people belonging to vulnerable categories gather,” health ministry spokesperson Constantinos Athanasiou said.

As of Monday, some other measures against Covid-19 were further relaxed, specifically, the total capacity in retail stores, shopping centres and offices offering public services were increased to 100 per cent for premises of up to 500 square metres and to 85 per cent for premises measuring over 500 square metres.

It is now no longer necessary to show a Safe Pass in public areas except for visits to nursing homes, closed areas, hospital outpatient clinics and medical and diagnostic centres.

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