Traffic cameras system overloaded with 80,000 fines

more than 80 thousand tickets to drivers are overloading the system, blocking the execution of the next stage indefinitely

The complicated pilot phase of the new traffic camera system is becoming a nightmare for management, as the worse fears of the traffic department are being acknowledged, with technical and operational weaknesses noted in the suggested method since 2019.
According to a local newspaper Philenews report, more than 80 thousand tickets to drivers are overloading the system, blocking the execution of the next stage indefinitely.
The main issue seems to be practical inadequacies in the timely delivery of the fines, with a 2019 letter indicating that more than one million tickets were handed out each year, more than the system could manage.
Traffic department officers noted that three years ago also had problems recognising the offenders.
As a result, people are recorded more than once under different names, creating a logistical blockage.
More than five months since the pilot phase of the traffic cameras when was launched by the Road and Tax department, more than 80 thousand drivers have been fined, almost paralysing the system.
More than four months following the incidents, traffic offenders have yet to receive their fines, while several people have not come forward to receive them.
Logistical issues are delaying the start of the first phase of the traffic camera programme, with the installation of a further 20 steady cams and 16 mobile ones.
Authorities have requested a three-month delay in receiving the cameras.
One of the main problems the traffic department alerted about three years ago was a large number of monthly fines.
In the many dozens of thousands, which would lead to a blockage of the mail delivery system, with many such penalties not being delivered and returned to the police. Many drivers would avoid receiving them to prevent payment.
It also stressed that raising the fines would be a motive for non-payment, which, in turn, would prevent courts from handling hundreds of cases of drivers not paying their fines.

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