Use of Face mask indoors scrapped from 1st of June

Use of Face masks will no longer be required indoors from 1st of June with the exception of high-risk areas such as hospitals, the health ministry announced on Friday.

The relaxation will come into force as of Wednesday, June 1.

The use of face masks, which have been part of everyday life for the past two years, will remain mandatory in hospitals, clinics, care homes and other 24/7 facilities and structures for vulnerable groups as well as on means of mass transportation.

Face masks are recommended in crowded places, for people belonging to vulnerable groups and for those who come in contact with high-risk individuals, the ministry added.

Also as of June 1, visits to state and public hospitals will be allowed with a maximum number of two people per day provided they present a negative rapid or PCR test carried out in the last 48 hours. Only one person will be allowed per visit, the ministry clarified.

In exceptional cases, the number of people per visit may be increased with the approval of the hospital’s management.

The announcement came after a cabinet meeting which approved the health minister’s recommendations to suspend the mandatory use of face masks.

The majority of the government’s advisory team for coronavirus were in favour of the move while some expressed reservations arguing that the situation is still fluid as regards the pandemic.

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